What is media sharing

What is media sharing?

What is media sharing?

Web 2.0 technologies have also made it simplest than ever to post and share media sharing across a variety of social media sharing networks and other digital platforms. Advances in user interface design/graphics have made it possible for people to post and share videos, music, applications, photos and other kinds of media sharing almost instantly, with minimal to no technical experience to be required.

Media sharing has made it possible for personals and organizations alike to expand their influence and reach. But to use media sharing effectively, you need to know how to use each & every media channel so that your content and messages reach the right targeted audiences. Here’s a quick overview of the top media sharing sites, and how you can use each one:

Photo Sharing Sites

These sites allow you to upload photos so you can share them easily with the targeted Audience. You can categorize and tag photos to make it even easier for people to find your photos. Websites such as Photo bucket, Picasa, and Flickr are more popular. Most of these have Smartphone apps that allow you to integrate them to your social media network sites, but there are also other sites such as Instagram that instantly upload photos to your social media network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also use various apps to publish and link to your photos automatically to your Facebook page, blog, and other social media network sites.

Video Sharing Sites

Video technology has become incredibly very easy to use—these days, you can make your own online video in minutes just using your smartphone. YouTube is the king of all video sites. Vimeo is also more popular, especially with many creative types. Both websites allow you to upload and share online videos with others in minutes. As with pictures, there are apps that allow you to publish your online video content to your Facebook page.

Video conferencing, presentation, and slide sharing

While nothing can be replaced by a face-to-face meeting, today’s video conferencing and slide sharing services permit you to hold web-based meetings whenever you need to. Organizations such as Go To Meeting offer video conferencing services that give you “face time” with your customers, and applications such as Slideshare make it easy to share presentations in an interactive, online format.

 Social Bookmarking and Wiki sites

Social bookmarking websites permit you to share and explore sites with others. Digg, Delicious, and Stumble upon are among the top popular. These sites track the websites you follow and, based on your interests, suggest everyone you may like so you can expand your web horizons. They may also allow you to connect you with others who have similar interests, so you can grow your social media profile.

Wiki sites permit you to collaborate with others to create, edit, and publish Article/web content. Similar to blogs/post, wikis are easy to develop and maintain using wiki software. But, the main difference between a blog/post and a wiki is that people can contribute to and modify a wiki site, while a blog/post usually has much strict editorial and publishing controls. Wikipedia is the well known Wiki sites.

Video games and Home game consoles

Online/internet video games such as Quake were at the forefront of a social media network, and video games have only grown their strength and influence over the years. There seems to be no end to the types of games people can play online (Farmville, anyone?), and How they can be played?. Your home Play Station or Xbox console permit you to connect with any number of fellow gamers everywhere. Facebook and Zynga are the combined kings of social online gaming, and mobile apps make it very easier for everyone to play just about any type of game, anywhere.

Incorporating these techniques into your media strategy will enhance your valuable brand and expose your targeted audience to different “flavors” of your brand. The content/article and media you share takes on the different type of contexts and meanings based on the outlet you choose, and maintaining them they will take effort. But no matter which one you select, it will boost your presence online and give you more opportunities to interact with your targeted audience.


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