Top Reasons Why Twitter Is Good For Business
Top Reasons Why Twitter Is Good For Business

Top Reasons Why Twitter Is Good For Business

Top Reasons Why Twitter Is Good For Business

Industry owners are continues being suggested to engage on Twitter. You’ve heard the best things Twitter can do for your organization. How trusted fans are going to grow your visibility and put you miles ahead of the competition.

But how true is it?

Some of you may find it strong to believe considering the number of the Twitter account holder are much lower than the number of Facebook users. Others may even dispute that social media platforms such as YouTube, would provide a bigger impact.
Organization around the world are using Twitter to reach out to a larger target audience. Time to time, Twitter has proven to be a better tool, especially in the marketing and Sales world where income is the only thing people tend to see.

You may still be doubtful and I totally get it. This post is all about why Twitter is good for an organization. At the end of this Article, you may even change in your mind about Twitter.

1. Connecting with your Audience.
Sending a potential Audience a personal message after they’ve followed you is a great way to increase the trust and appreciation an Audience has for your Organization. One other Advantage is that you are able to listen to what your Audience is saying.
This feedback is actually valuable if you have plans to expand your organization (or at least, enhance the quality of it).

2. Observing the competition
Connecting with your Audience is just one part of the comparison. Twitter also allows you to listen to Audience feedback and complaints they may share openly with your competitors.
Want to create Twitter marketing work for you? Collect this information/data in an Excel sheet and perform deep analysis with your team members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for future product implementation.
Sure, listening and arrange data takes time but there are tools that you can use to reduce the time taken to complete the whole process; namely, Hootsuite and Mention.

3. FREE marketing
Simply take a few seconds and craft your 140 character pitch and with the click of a button, it can reach all of your all followers who are online. Marketing cost is totally zero.
Yes — a big, fat zero.
You don’t have to pay any amount to use Twitter and you need not to pay to tweet. Unless you are thinking of spending on Twitter advertising or some advanced tools to make your business life is easier, the cost of marketing on Twitter is absolutely zero.

4. Keeping consumers updated
If you’re running an organization, you definitely understood the importance of keeping your consumers updated. Twitter is the best tool to keep them published on the latest information, promotion, and sales your organization is having.
When you use Twitter, you can share the most important information with your consumers at times that matter most; black Friday deals, weekend sales etc.

5. A new medium of communication
Did you notice that Twitter can be used as a form of communication?
Sure, Twitter is a social media networking platform and it’s an excellent marketing/promotion tool as well. However, instead of using Twitter solely for marketing/promotion, you could also use it to communicate with your consumers.
Brands such as GoDaddy have specific Twitter accounts for their support team. This is to arrange close to a real-time technical support team to ensure that a great consumers satisfaction level is constantly maintained.

6. Marketing using Twitter
Yes, Twitter is the best marketing tool. Remembered, tweets are indexed by Google and therefore, it’s also effective in terms of search engine optimization.
Twitter marketing permits you to reach your followers/Audience from around the world and pacify the distance barrier. Don’t use Twitter to promote your products and articles, they also use it to share valuable content/information from around the web.

7. Building a community
Aside from marketing and consumer retention, Twitter can also be used to build a trusted community. Influencers within the niche are invited to share/participate in the discussion.
As a result of these Twitter chats, the great opportunity to connect with consumers increases dramatically while growing the chances of getting retweets and favorites on Twitter. These simple actions will easily grow the organization’s visibility and the chance to acquire more consumers. At the same time, the organization would be able to understand the current needs and thoughts of the participated members to further enhance their services or products.

8. Growing sales using Twitter
According to a survey, followers are more likely to perform buying or recommend products after following the brand on Twitter. To make things even juicier, 50% of the Audience is actually more likely to sign up or buy for services from the brands they follow.
Now, take some time to dive into the stats. 60% and 50% are big numbers!
Actually on Twitter is not just about being social, but it’s also growing the opportunity to make more sales and increase your revenue. Statistics don’t false and it’s been confirmed over and over again that Twitter is the best way to grow sales effectively.

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