Top 43 creative ways to make money online

Top 43 creative ways to make money online 2019

Top 43 creative ways to make money online 2019

I want to work from home. I reward myself with an exercise, and when I’ve been energetic enough.  My morning is good, food is nearby me.

You, too, probably like the tactics of making money at home, whether it’s from a remote job, a home-based work or investments you can manage from anyplace. If so, and even if you already have a home-based work but want to learn more, this list is for up-gradation.

As you might suspect, many of these creative ways to make money at home with the internet — but not all of them. And although some are one-off ideas to pocket some cash, and others are decent-paying jobs, a few have the potential to generate more profits.

Finally, while working from home is great, this list is about making money at home. If a job, investment or business requires you to leave the house, you won’t find it here. This list consists only of ideas you can get creative ways to make money online without leaving your house at all.

Have an internet connection? You’re all set to try these types of jobs.

  1. Work for a Call Center

Customer service jobs are common with an organization that hires at-home workers. You spend your days on the mobile in front of your computer/laptop, talking to customers.

  1. Be a Transcriptionist

To make $20 per hour as a transcriptionist, you need to listen well and type fast. You’ll listen to audio files of varying quality, and you have to type out what you hear correctly.

Not sure you want to do the typing work yourself? Consider being as a transcript proofreader.

  1. Be a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you might answer calls, send emails, generate reports or do any number of other tasks for busy executives and business owners. You can freelance or get a job with a Virtual Assistant company.

If you’d rather run your own business, you’ve got a lot of options.

  1. Be a Social Media Network Manager

My sister does freelance social media work for an organization of poets, posting on Facebook and Twitter about the latest news from members and updates on events. For a more regular paycheck, apply for one of the many social media network management jobs on websites like

  1. Design Websites

Payscale says a web designer can expect to take home roughly $51,000 per year. It’s tough to get to that point if you’re freelancing job, but this is definitely an at-home-based income.

My sister and I once did a package deal for a client for $450, which included the website, logo, contact form and several pages of content. Develop & Designing the website and letting the owner arrange for content is more common.

  1. Host Websites

The website designing package I mentioned above included hosting the website for a year for $70. We have to solve with any technical issues as they come up, but we rarely have a website down for more than a few minutes.

We can put unlimited websites on our reseller plan with best-hosting providers

  1. Create Podcasts

When you create podcasts, for downloadable audio files, you can sell them or use them as an advertising platform. Either way, try to provide an interesting and/or useful web series of podcasts. The profit potential?

  1. Create and Sell Courses

You’ve created some online courses, selling some and giving away others to marketing websites. you never made more than $25 in a week from any of them

  1. Start a Fiverr Business

How do you make much money with a $3 product or service when the website where you make the sales takes a dollar of your revenue from each and every sale?

People who earn thousands of dollars on advice you create a simple service or product and have several “upsells” available for buyers interested in higher-priced options.

We’ve only scratched the surface good creative ways to make money online.

  1. Sell Links

If you have a blog or website, you can sell links. Sites that find buyers for you are mostly helping clients swing search engine results, which you might not want to participate in. But you can sell “nofollow” links without offending Google’s terms of use.

  1. Tweet for Cash

Tweeting for earning isn’t just for celebrities anymore. If you have a Twitter account and huge followers, you can get paid to tweet about brands you like using websites like

  1. Answer Questions

A number of websites will pay you to answer people’s questions. If you’re a consultant, lawyer, try Just

  1. Flip Domain Names

A friend registered a domain name for $15, and a few weeks later, sold it for $2,500. He just got lucky (it wasn’t his plan), but if you have a good sense of which names have more value, you can try buying and selling some domain names. Marketplaces like can help you find buyers.

  1. Get Paid to Listen to Music is one of the popular websites where you listen to songs (typically for at least 30 seconds) in exchange for points or cash that are redeemable for gift cards. The bands hope you shall become a fan, so it’s a form of advertising you’re paid to listen to. You won’t make much with this scheme, but it’s not a bad idea to make a few bucks.

  1. Get Paid to Watch TV

Download the HitBliss software or app for your computer, and you’ll get paid to watch commercials. The big drawback, in my opinion, is that you’re paid with some points you have to spend on movies, shows, and music in their store.

  1. Take Surveys

You can really want to earn good creative ways to make money doing online surveys. I’ve done it a few times. you worked fast and typically made about $3 per hour for good efforts.

  1. Test Websites

You made money as a website tester, but not much. It was fun to check out new websites and voice your opinion, and you made about some $ per hour, but there wasn’t much work.

For a shot at getting more assignments, sign up with various websites that pay testers.

  1. Be a Search Engine Appraiser.

When I first wrote about being a search engine Appraiser, I didn’t reveal my hourly rate. Now I can tell you that you have made good money.

You choose when and how much you work. The different tasks include looking at sets of search engine results and rating them for usefulness.

  1. Be a Comedian

As you’ve seen in this post on being a YouTube comedian, you can earn thousands of dollars. Some comedians have made over $1 million with their funny online videos.

  1. Review Toys

One 9-year-old boy has earned more than $1 million reviewing toys on YouTube. You probably won’t earn that much. On the other hand, there are many other product categories where online video reviews might be appreciated by a wide audience.

  1. Get a Book Published

The publishing industry has major changes. More than ever, a writer is expected to be the primary market person of his or her books.

  1. Be a Content Writer

Content sites sometimes called “content mills,” hire freelancers to write short posts and articles without including your name as the author. You have to work fast to good creative ways to make money as a content writer, since you may earn less than 3 cents per word.

  1. Write Speeches

While lists the median annual wage of a speechwriter as $122,984, don’t expect to make anywhere near that much to start.

  1. Write for Blogs

Blogs typically pay much more than the content mills. Clients have paid between $60 and $300 per article. There are many blogs that pay $150 per post, but there are also many writers trying to get those assignments.

  1. Be a Character Blogger

Pick a character from a cartoon movie or a novel and start ghostwriting a blog as though you are that character. You may need the approval to use characters in this way, so do your homework.

  1. Create an Email Newsletter

Over the years you have created email newsletters on topics ranging from backpacking to brainpower.

You can sell goods directly in your emails or direct traffic to your websites — but keep the newsletter full of useful fresh content in either case.

  1. Sell Digital goods on
  2. Write Slogans

many sites will pay you to write slogans for companies. Some pay cash for each slogan, while others have contests in which you can win up to $1,00 for the winning creation.

  1. Enter Writing Contests

Many writing contests pay cash prizes. Some pay more than $100 for first place and also award a publishing contract. A few pay prizes of $500 to $1000.

  1. Give Away Ebooks

It’s a good creative way to make money giving away free ebooks. One, which you have written in a few days, generated several dollars in revenue within a few weeks.

You can use some different strategies here. You can marketing affiliate products within the books to make commissions, use a free sample ebook to sell a longer one, or use an ebook to advertise your own products or websites.

  1. Write Resumes

Some people don’t like writing and resume writing in particular. You can help them put that resume together using free resume writer online. Some people charge as little as $15 to do this, but at least one service has a price schedule that starts at $300.

  1. Write College Papers

Ghostwriting for college students may be the most properly questionable entry here, but it can be lucrative. One anonymous academic paper writer says he makes $5,500 monthly helping students cheat their way to degrees, and that’s after the online company he works for takes half of the fees. A more proper alternative is to help students with papers rather than actually writing them.

  1. Write for Revenue Sharing Sites

Among the websites that pay for articles, the revenue-sharing ones are the simple to break into. Some sites pay you 70% of what they make from your work, while others pay per comment or view, but either way, if nobody reads your article, you make nothing.

  1. Write Reviews

If you have a blog or website, you could connect with companies willing to pay for product reviews. For example, at you can get paid to post videos, blog or tweet. To avoid selling wrong reviews, only accept assignments for products you actually love.

Increasing your money from the comfort of your own home sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

  1. Start a Used Books Business

There are a variety of ways to sell used books online and yes, you can do this at home. Start by selling the E-books you aren’t going to read from around the house.

  1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is simple in theory: Link to products in your website blog, etc. and when audience use your coded link to visit and buy something, you make a commission. make hundreds of dollars monthly from affiliate sales. Search “affiliate program” or “associates” plus the name of brands to locate something specific to promote, or sell just about anything as an Amazon Associate.

  1. Sell Your Photos

Selling stock photography is simple now that several great sites help you list your photos. It isn’t easy to earn a lot of money, but even photos from around the house can be good options.

  1. Tutor People

You can tutor people on your Specialized subject you know well, from academics to how to write a business plan. When you open an account with websites like WyzAnt, you set your rates, which can go as high as $30 per hour. The websites that arrange jobs typically take 25-50%. If you make yourself available only for online and phone tutoring, people will usually pay fewer rates, but you might also find some decent-paying clients.

  1. Become a Consultant

There is probably at least one subject about which you know as a specialist. That makes you a specialist and, if you want, you can become a consultant. Work from home, and do your suggestions by email, phone, and Skype.

  1. Babysit

Not all babysitters leave home to earn money — offer your services solely at your home. You can make up to good returns as a babysitter now using sitting-focused websites to find customers.

  1. Teach on Udemy

You don’t need experience or a degree to creative ways to make money teaching on Udemy. If the audience wants to learn what you have to teach, you can create a potentially profitable online video course at home.

  1. Design an App

No idea how to design an app?  watched an online tutorial on app designing or read an article. Then get busy. Like

  1. Install Apps on Your Phone

Market research companies are always looking for ways to track consumer behavior. That’s why you can earn to install apps on your phone.

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