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Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Business in 2019

Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Business in 2019

Well, it’s 2020, and in case your small business doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy, you’re already behind their competition.

That’s how we put together this list of digital marketing ideas to get your business headed in the right direction. Read on towards learning the 12 digital marketing ideas for a small business that will put your business ahead of the competition this year and beyond!

Here are your 2020 digital marketing ideas for small businesses.

  1. Do some local search marketing.

Nothing competitors a solid local search marketing strategy for small businesses.

Local search marketing and advertising consist of claiming and optimizing your business’s online listings so that you show up in relevant local searches. There’s a good deal to local search, but when it’s done right, it puts your business on the map so local consumers find you when they need your products or services.

Local search is not a brand new marketing idea, but it can be complicated, though, and it’s not something that happens overnight or that you can do once and forget about it. It’s best left to experts.

  1. Optimize your website for humans and search engines.

Does your little company website still look like it’s from 1997?

Time to fix that. It’s 2019, and clients are impatient. We want immediate results. We have brief attention spans, so if your website is unattractive, slow to load or confusing to use, we’re going to leave and check out your competition.

Make sure your website loads rapidly because consumers will abandon your site. And make certain your site is easy to navigate. Don’t forget to add clear calls-to-action that tells the customer what they should do. For instance, you could place a button in the header of your main page that says “Get Directions,” “Call Today” or “something.”

Mobile optimization is quite important too. Google can punish your website if it isn’t optimized for mobile so make sure yours is!

  1. Engage in link building.

Connect generating is a great way to show search engines like Google that your website is popular.

In case you create links the right way, getting a few high-quality links rather than a bunch of low-quality spam links, you’ll prove to Google that your small business’s website is relevant (and high-quality) so that it knows you are worthy of showing up in a local search.

Find local company holders and bloggers who are willing to link to your website if you return the favor or write a guest post for a local blog.

Don’t forget regarding local news sites that might run an article that links to your website if you have a special promotion or event coming up.

  1. Take advantage of keywords.

Keyword searches must be a mandatory part of every small business digital marketing strategy. You can utilize your business’s keywords for so many things!

And, it is a great way to find out exactly what terms someone is using to search for your business’s products and services.

Use your tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, or even search recommendations (when Google tries to help you complete a search) or the “People also search for” box at the bottom of the page to find relevant keywords for your business.

Place those keywords into their pages of your website (try to make it natural so that they make sense within your content) or in blog posts.

  1. Ask for email addresses.

We can’t remember the previous time I went through a line in a retail store and the cashier didn’t ask me for my email address, and you know, I never say no.

It’s that easy. At arrival or check-out, inquire about your clients or customers for email addresses.

When you have the customer’s email address, you can easily send them emails that let them know about new promotions, specials and products. You can easily also use those email messages to ask for more online reviews!

Since online ratings could help you show up in local search results and could even make customers spend more money at your business, you really can’t afford to skip this simple step. Start gathering those emails as well as give your business the boost it needs to stand out from the competition.

  1. Monitor your online reputation.

Reputation management isn’t simply for the leading brands. Small companies need to know what their customers are saying about them too.

Set up a Google alert for your company so you know when new articles that mention your business are posted.

Don’t forget regarding social media monitoring tools. We have one called Radiate that allows us to know when people publicly post about us or comment on our statuses.

If you are aware of the chatter, you could become part of the conversation, fix problems that arise and keep your business’s reputation as squeaky clean as possible.

You should always be aware of the reasons customers complain about businesses so that you can try and protect your business from public backlash.

  1. Use online networking sites to build a bigger network.

LinkedIn looks a great way to connect with local consumers as well as other small company owners. Not only can you interact on a personal level but you can create more awareness for your business by creating and managing a business page.

LinkedIn might suggest friends of friends with whom you can easily connect. You can always join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to boost your local presence.

  1. Get more attendees with Facebook Events and Eventbrite.

Hosting a special event or sale? Make a Facebook or Eventbrite event to reach better people.

Whenever you build a Facebook event, you can share it with followers. And, it might show up inside the events section for local consumers when they are looking for events in your area.

Event Brite will manage the same, so people who may have never heard of your business before will have a chance to hear about and attend your event.

  1. Speaking of social media, it’s time to build a better social strategy.

It’s in 2019. You can’t avoid social media anymore.

Everybody uses it, as well as at the extremely least, your small business should have a Facebook page that you keep up-to-date with business information and hours. You must also be uploading regularly (at least a couple of times a week) to keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers.

However, you should also think about Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, depending on your industry and typical customer.

Make confident to tailor your social media messages to every single social platform because consumers, especially Generation Z, want to see custom messages for the social media platform they’re using.

Here’s exactly how to develop a social media strategy and determine which social networks will give your small business the biggest bang for its social media marketing buck.

  1. Try Facebook ads.

Prepared to place your smaller business in front of more customers? Facebook ads are exactly where it’s at. Facebook offers many ad kinds that can be used to help you build more local awareness, drive to targeted landing pages and even get you more followers.

No question your goal, there’s likely a Facebook ad type that will work for you.

Be mindful, though. Marketing is another one of people things that are better left to the experts. Lacking experience or understanding of proper targeting, you may end up losing money.

  1. Give the live video a try.

The live video looks an awesome way to add a human element to your small business marketing strategy. You shall connect using customers on a more personal level if you give them a behind-the-scenes look at your business, and you can show off new products, services or promotions in the meantime.

And, as an incentive, if you go stay on Facebook or Instagram, your followers will get a notification that tells them you’re live so they should watch before the video ends.

The live video offers been favored for a while now, but it’s only getting bigger. It’s one of 2019’s greatest digital marketing trends, so you should give it a try while it’s hot.

  1. Add video to your Google My Business listing.

Google recently launched that small company owners can add videos to their listings. Your business’s videos might show up in their photos right in your Google listing, giving you more control over what customers can see about your business before they make a purchase decision.

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